Bonus 1 – Online Access To ALL 12 Career Library DVDs + More 

Get instant online access to all our best selling DVDs + Online CV Builder + Free CV Review + CV templates, Cover Letters + Audio + Mock Tests + Quizzes + Downloads + Advanced Tips + Articles + much more. Free for 30 days.

Bonus 2 - Audio CD


Supercharge your knowledge by listening to this Audiobook in the car or downloading the CD onto your MP3 player / iPod. Fantastic for last minute revision on the way to the interview, helping banish any last minute nerves.

 Value £9.95

Bonus 3 - Interview Tests (download)

A classic problem for many interviewees is the Psychological / Numerical & Verbal Tests. They have been known to catch many people out at interview, and some candidates have had offers withdrawn on the strength of a bad test. Our e-book shows you how to avoid this fate.

Value £7.95

Bonus 4 - Assessment Centres (Download)


We show you how to get the most out of an assessment centre with this e-book guide overview. (**Please note we have a specific DVD on this subject if you require detailed video guidance**).


Bonus 5 - Interview Answers (Download)

This e-book gives and even deeper level knowledge with extra questions and answers for those tough interviews, and is designed to go perfectly with the 135 Interview Answers DVD. 

 Value £9.95

Bonus 6 - Ultimate Redundancy Guide (download)

I have also put together this e-book overview guide to help you through the minefield following redundancy – should that have happened to you. (Please note that we have a specific DVD on this subject if you require detailed guidance – which you can find when you login to Bonus #1: Career Library TV).

Value £9.95

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